Z dějin jednoho rodu

                                               300 let rodu Jemelka - Jemelík s kořeny v Sušicích a okolí

History of the family Jemelka - Jemelík in the Czech Republic

These pages map the history of the family Jemelka – Jemelík in the Czech Republic. The roofs of this family are to be found in several little villages in the surroundings of the town Přerov in the Central Moravia. For the present the most former discovered ancestor is Tomáš Jemelka from Jezernice (who was born around 1650). His son Matyáš who was married three times settled in Sušice. His offsprings spread from this village not only to the surrounding villages and towns but some of them were blown all over the Europe. Several of them settled in the U.S.A. in the last century too.

350 families that were set up by the bearers of this surnames are described in the genealogy. Besides the offsprings of Matyáš Jemelka there are two ofter family branches : the offsprings of Matěj Jemelka from Lhota and Tomáš Jemelka from Hlinsko. We did not manage to connect all of them together yet. But in view of the fact that in the old registers they are mutually written down as witnesses of the marriages we can presume that these families have the same ancestors. Further research will prove or disprove this hypotheisis.

On these pages there is the history of the family with the description of its diffusion to surrounding villages and also the list of so far described families. There is a short summary of the history of the village Sušice and sundry interesting information about the members of the family too. Besides this you can have a look at the author´s family tree and the history of his parental house.

This database comprises also a lot of people who have moved to other places in the course of time and that is why their fate is not described in the genealogy yet.


Here is the e-mail address that can be used by everyone who would like to get, to provide or to change any information concerning the ancestors or offsprings of this family. Because neither the work on this genealogy nor the form of these pages is finished I will welcome any information or interesting facts which could extend and liven up not only the research itself but also the contents of these pages.

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